The Road Kings

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I did something I’ve never done.

I couldn’t help it. The man I met at the bar was too gorgeous, too fascinating, too sexy. The next thing I knew, we had a one-night stand.

Except… It turns out he’s Denver Gilchrist, lead singer of the Road Kings, the legendary band that broke up five years ago.

How was I supposed to know I was sleeping with a genius rock god? I’m just a piano teacher who plays jazz on Thursday nights. I have a happy single life with my cat. I don’t need Denver’s brand of chaos.

But now I’m addicted. And so is he.

Denver is a poet, a talent, a complicated intellect, a lost soul. He can bring me to life, but he can also break me to pieces. Stories like ours don’t get happy endings -- but I won’t know the end until I risk it all.


I confess: I hooked up with the Road Kings’ bassist after a show thirteen years ago. It was supposed to be just one night - then I’d never see Neal Watts again.

But life likes to throw curveballs, and we ended up with a daughter. We could do this, right? We could stay friends for our daughter’s sake, even though we weren’t a couple.

Thirteen years of friendship. Thirteen years of relying on each other. Thirteen years of Neal in my life, even though we’re never alone together. Because that would be crossing a line.

But suddenly we’re both free to cross any lines we want to. And when Neal gives me that look that melted me all those years ago, I definitely want to.

I could have a wild fling with a rock star, and it would be incredible. But suddenly I’m starting to wonder…

What if we’ve been in love all this time?