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A player. A virgin. One hot promise.

At twenty-three, I’m trying to get my life together. There’s just one problem: I still have my V-card, and it’s getting embarrassing. Unless Dex Carter can help me.

Dex is forbidden. Not just because he’s a soccer god and an underwear model with an impossible body, while I’m just an average girl. His father married my mother a few years ago, and that puts him off-limits. But I could ask him this one favor, and no one has to know. Easy, right?

Until he says yes.

There’s more to Dex than just the famous, red-hot athlete. The more I’m with him, the deeper I get. Things are going to get messy. And the last thing I need is to fall in love…

NOTE: This book was originally published under the title PLAY HARD.

Available in Kindle Unlimited

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