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The Bad Billionaire Series

Bad Billionaire-NEW.jpg
Bad Billionaire (Book One)

What happens when an ex-con inherits a billion dollars? Very bad things.

Devon Wilder is a mystery. To me, he’s Mister Hot, Dark, and Handsome, the neighbor I watch from the window, wondering what he’s really like.

Turns out, he’s a thief. A getaway driver. He gives me the hottest night of my life before he’s put away for taking the wrong job. When he’s gone, I try to forget about him and get on with my normal, unexciting life.

Until he gets out, and an inheritance makes him a billionaire.

Now Devon is back. He’s the richest ex-con you’ve ever seen. He doesn’t care about penthouses, fancy dinners, or private jets. He doesn’t care that his enemies are after him. He doesn’t care that everything is about to go up in flames.

In his world of chaos, Devon Wilder says he only cares about one thing.



Dirty Sweet Wild-NEW-v1.jpg
Dirty Sweet Wild (Book Two)

A reclusive millionaire. A stripper with the wrong address. A hot random encounter that neither of them can forget.

I have rules. I get paid, I take my clothes off, and I go home. No touching. It’s just a job.

Until one day I’m sent to the wrong apartment. The man who comes to the door is big, bearded perfection. He looks at me like no one else ever has. And for the first time in my life, I break every one of my rules.

Max Reilly is not what he seems. He may wear jeans and T-shirts, but he’s filthy rich. His scars inside and out have made him a recluse. And for some reason, I can’t get enough.

We’re both broken. Maybe we can’t be fixed. Together we’re fire and gasoline. But I’ll let everything burn if he’ll just touch me one more time…


Rich Dirty Dangerous-NEW-v1.jpg
Rich Dirty Dangerous (Book Three)

I never thought I’d be an MC president’s woman. I was supposed to go to college. But here I am, trapped in a life that’s a nightmare. If I don’t get out, I’ll die.

Cavan Wilder is my only hope.

The club’s tattoo artist wants out, too. He’s inherited millions, and if the club finds out, he’s a dead man. So we make a pact that’s all business. Too bad he’s so beautiful he makes me ache. Too bad his touch makes me feel alive for the first time I can remember.

Stay, and we’ll both be sacrificed.

Run, and we’ll both have a price on our heads.

Surrender to Cavan, like I’m dying to, and we might not live to see the morning.

Some things, I hear, are worth dying for.

Tonight is the night we find out.


Back in Black-NEW-v1.jpg
Back in Black (Book 4)

I’m a good girl - at least, I try to be. I’ve never needed a lawyer in my life. But when my brother ends up in jail, he says there’s only one lawyer who can help us.

Ben Hanratty dresses more like a biker than a lawyer. He has friends in low places. He says he’s trying to clean up his act now that his clients are some of the richest men in the country. I’m not sure I trust him, but when I offer to work for him to pay off my legal bill, I have no choice.

He hired me.

He turned my life upside down.

He saved me.

He knocked me up.

And then he fell for me.

They say a bad boy can’t be a good man. They’ve never met Ben. All I know is, I’m in for a hell of a ride.


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