The Bad Billionaire Series

Bad Billionaire (Book One)

I’m no one. A mechanic. A getaway driver. A thief.

I was born on the streets. My job is dirty. My past is dirty. So is my future, including a stint in prison for taking the wrong getaway job.

Then I get out of prison and discover I’ve inherited a billion dollars.

I'm the richest ex-con you've ever seen.

I’m not a good billionaire. I don’t care about penthouses, fancy dinners, or private jets. I don’t care about life and death. I don’t even care about money. I’m willing to spend every penny of it on one thing.

Find the woman who gave me one unforgettable night before I went down. The woman who is too good for me. The woman I can never have.

Find her. Get revenge on the man that hurt her. And make her mine.

Dirty Sweet Wild (Book Two)

A reclusive millionaire. A stripper with the wrong address. A hot random encounter that neither of them can forget.

No one knows I'm a millionaire. I wear jeans and T-shirts. Afghanistan left me with scars inside and out. All I want is to be left alone.

Until the stripper who came to my door got the wrong apartment.

I was planning to tell her. But she kissed me first.

She says it's just a job. She says she has rules. But now Gwen is breaking her rules, and I'm breaking mine.

We’re both broken. Maybe we can’t be fixed. Together we’re fire and gasoline. But I might let everything burn if I can just touch her one more time…

Rich Dirty Dangerous (Book Three)

I was a dead man the minute I inked her.

I’ve spent ten years as the ink man for the Black Dog MC. When a member wants ink, he comes to me — and I always obey. Because even when you’re not a brother, disobeying the Black Dog is deadly. So they own me.

And they also own her.

Dani. Beautiful, sweetly sensual, temptation incarnate. The president’s woman — completely off-limits. But when she comes to me for a tattoo, and begs me to get her out of the Black Dog before he kills her, my blood starts to burn for the first time in a decade. And when I realize my own reason for getting out — an inheritance from nowhere that will make me obscenely rich — I have to decide.

Stay, and we’ll both be sacrificed.

Run, and we’ll both have a price on our heads.

Take Dani, like she begs me to, and I might not live to see the morning.

Some things, I hear, are worth dying for.

Tonight is the night I find out.

Back in Black (Book 4)

I've never been a hero. But for her, I'll give it a shot.

I'm the lawyer every third-rate criminal calls when he's been arrested - again. Or I was, until one of my clients became one of the richest men in the country. Now I'm supposed to clean up my act.

It isn't so easy. I dress more like a biker than a lawyer, and I have friends in low places. As for women, ten years ago the divorce from hell left me scarred - I live alone, I sleep alone. Trust me, it's for the good of womankind.

Then Charlotte showed up on my doorstep. Willing to work as my assistant to pay off her brother's legal bill. Beautiful and determined, even against the men trying to hurt her.

I hired her.
I watched her turn my life upside down.
I saved her.
I knocked her up.
And then I fell for her.

They say a bad boy can't be a good man. But they've never met me. And they don't know how determined I can be.

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