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The Eden Hills Series

How to Date Your Brother's Best Friend-2022.jpg
How To Date Your Brother's Best Friend

I can’t date Dean Madden. He’s a bad boy and my older brother’s best friend. So what if I pretended he was my fake boyfriend in high school? That was a long time ago, and he never has to know. We’re both grown up now. It’s never going to happen.

Until one hot weekend when everything happens.

Now Dean has made a bet with me: four weeks of dating, and whoever gets dumped first loses. In order to win, I just have to date him. And the more dates we go on, the more I see the things Dean hides from the rest of the world.

This might be crazy. It might make my brother mad. It might not be forever, no matter how much I want it to be.

And it might be the wildest four weeks of my life.

NOTE: This book was previously published under the title Bad Boyfriend.

Available in Kindle Unlimited

How to Date the Guy You Hate-2022.jpg
How to Date the Guy You Hate

I hate Jason Carsleigh. Gorgeous, sexy, perfect Jason Carsleigh. He was the golden boy in high school - the one every girl dreamed about. Except me. I have my reasons.

He owes me big, so I'm calling in a favor. I need Jason as my date for my ex's wedding. He just has to wear a suit, look hot, and pretend he likes me. Then I'm done with him forever.

I'm not going to tell him my secrets. I'm not going to see the not-so-golden side no one else gets to see. I'm not going to fall for him. And I'm definitely not going to rip that sexy suit off him and do every dirty thing imaginable.

But every time I get close to the guy I hate, I get in trouble.

One date. How bad can it be?

NOTE: This book was previously published under the title Bad Wedding

Available in Kindle Unlimited

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