(Mason Brothers, Book Two)

I have a crush on my new neighbor. The one that everyone hates.


I know all the rumors in the neighborhood. Andrew Mason is rich. He’s gorgeous. He’s a recluse. He’s a genius. He’s a jerk. The sign he puts on his porch on Halloween makes all of the kids cry.


Oh, and a car crash seven years ago left him in a wheelchair.


He seems to think that’s going to put me off.


I’m determined to get his attention, though he doesn’t want company. I can’t help it. I want to know what makes a man so beautiful and so complicated tick. I want to know what goes on in his brilliant, good-looking head. I want to know if his muscles feel as awesome as they look. I want to break down his defenses.


But if I can break down Andrew’s defenses, then he can break down mine. What starts out as a battle of wits becomes… something more. Something hotter. Something neither of us expected.


When two damaged people crash into each other, they either destroy each other… or they fall in love.

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