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Bad Wedding
(Eden Hills, Book 2)

I hate Jason Carsleigh. Gorgeous, sexy, perfect Jason Carsleigh. He was the golden boy in high school - the one every girl dreamed about. Except me. I have my reasons. 

He owes me big, so I’m calling in a favor. I need Jason as my date for my ex’s wedding. Simple - wear a suit, look hot, and pretend he likes me. That’s it. Then I’m done with him forever. 

I’m not going to tell him my secrets. I’m not going to see the not-so-golden side no one else gets to see. I’m not going to fall for him. And I’m definitely not going to rip that sexy suit off him and do every dirty thing imaginable. 

But every time I get close to Jason Carsleigh, I get in trouble. 

One wedding. How bad can it be? 

*Features some characters from Bad Boyfriend, but can be read as a standalone.*